Monday, 7 November 2011

Poem - My Love To You

My Love To You
To the top of the highest mountain, I would climb 
With bare hands, if need be... 
To the bottom of the deepest ocean 
I would swim, to be near thee 
Hotter than the hottest flame that burns… 
I yearn for your touch 
I love you all of these 
And still... 
So very much 
Sweet, though the sweetest flower... 
The rose doth bow her head 
She knows she can't compete 
And turns away in dread 
The brightness ray of sunshine 
Dare not behold thy crown 
There is no stronger love 
O'er this earth ever found 
When I draw my life's last breath... 
I will utter thy sweet name 
Through all trials and tribulations... 
I know they are not in vain 
If there be a resurrection morning, 
And on it, I open my wide eyes 
I'll turn to face my love 
Still standing by my side
By Shelia Chapman

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