Thursday, 26 January 2012

Blog Hop

Forest of Broken Hearts

“I don’t suppose you want to tell me what we’re doing here?”
“Watching for what?
“The next fool….”
“You know we’re not supposed to be here. This place has been marked as forbidden!”
“Only if you’re afraid of its reality – are you?”
“What's to be afraid of? It’s just some pine trees with a light bulb hanging from it.”
 “Not according to legend. The space between the trees, are supposed to be doorways into another time, another possibility, another chance – possibly a last chance. You see how, in some places, the trees are close together and in others they’re not? ”
“Yeah – so….”
 “Haven’t you ever wondered why they’re like that?”
“Not really. Like I said, they’re just trees. It's that silly, light bulb that has me intrigued. What's it doing in the middle of the forest? Better yet –where's the power coming from?”
 “You mean you don’t know?”
“If I did, do you think I would bother saying so?”
“You don’t need to be so snobby.”
“I’m not being snobby, I just don’t understand why you think this is so spectacular, is all.”
“Then I guess you don’t want to know the legend then?”
“Humour me, but don’t expect me to believe you.”
“Well, you see the flowers under the light bulb? “
“They’re supposed to be broken hearts.”
“Broken hearts! They’re violets.”
“Oh, well, fine. I guess you don’t want to know how they became broken hearts….”
 “Go on – tell me how they became broken hearts.”
 “Well, it’s like this….”

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