Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Method In The Madness

I Don't Get It

I don't understand why some readers expect a character to be a certain way. 'Donna Rigden', one of my characters, gets hammered for falling in love too soon or being 'in and out' of love too much. First off, Donna is not an average human being. She's what some would call a brooding mare. There's nothing normal about her. She's the product of genetic manipulation through selective breeding. She has been bred from the best with the best, for a purpose.

The Weepiest Woman In The World

Some say Donna is too weepy. OK, I'll buy that, but Donna experiences emotion on a higher level than most women. She connects with those around her, especially those she loves and is acquainted with. Donna is empathic; she feels other's pain. I know some think that's far-fetched, but take my word, it's real. I should know.

Donna Is Too Immature To Be A Doctor

Donna gets too involved with her patients. Yes, that's probably true, as well, but, I don't want my characters stereotyped. I don't follow the flock. I want my characters to be real, to act real, and to come across, as real. Donna knows she has a problem; she cares, too much. It's one of the weaknesses she has to deal with. Someday, she may learn to turn some of this off, but I'm not ready for her to do that yet.

Everyone Falls In Love With Donna

Donna falls for two men, straight away, and they fall for her. Yes, but, Donna and Richard have been talking to each other ever since her cousin introduced them. There is a legitimate reason why Donna falls for Sam, but it's introduced in 'Blood of the Rainbow -Raging Storm' and elaborated on in 'Blood of the Rainbow II - Roses and Regret' - the prequel to 'A Vested Interest book 1 - Immortality Gene.

Donna's Secret

Gary is the only one who knows Donna's secret. He will not betray her. He knows the problem with Richard and with Sam, and (I'm not going to spoil it for you). Something else, and unless you read at least as far as 'Dark Secrets', you won't know this. There are two forces determining Donna's choice:

  1. Covert villains.  These people have their own agenda, and it doesn't matter how much Donna hurts, that is their driving force. Again, this does not come out until 'Dark Secrets'.
  2. Unseen forces. Because of another dark force, which doesn't come out until 'Regret and Retribution', Donna believes it is her destiny to be with Sam. That reason is explained in 'Blood of the Rainbow II' - the prequel series to 'A Vested Interest'.
These two dark forces do not want Donna with anyone other than Richard. They don't care who she's in love with, they don't care how many affairs she has. Donna and Richard have to be more than friends. As long as that happens, they wouldn't care if Donna is in love with anyone, at all. As far as their agenda is concerned, love has nothing to do with it.

Don't Blame Me

Donna has been bred to attract the opposite sex - genetically manipulated, you might say, through bloodline. Richard can't help but fall for her. Sam can't help but fall for her. Any man is on dangerous ground when it comes to Donna, and it's the same for Richard and Sam. That comes out in 'No Secrets' as well as a lot of other things.

Time Is Ticking

This all happens in a matter of months with some of the outrageous things happening in weeks, even days. Some of the readers say this is unbelievable. For one thing, since Donna and Richard connected through her cousin and maintained that contact via telecommunications, people say Internet Romance is not possible. Even if, the couple get together, the relationship never lasts - wrong!

Internet Romance

I met my third husband - the love of my life - my destiny - through Yahoo Chat, in a room called Animals in August of 1997. In November, of that same year, me and my two small boys flew to England. Because of circumstances beyond our control - UK Immigration - my sons and I were only allowed to stay for a month. The first thing my husband said to me - at Gatwick Airport - was "Hi," and then he kissed me. Trust me, it was love at first sight.

After a forceful, tearful and devastating goodbye, me and my two sons spent the next four months in Texas with another Internet friend. In April, my husband came to the States. Again, Immigration played an intrusive part in our lives. After 90 days, when his temporary visa ran out, my husband had to make a choice. Either he went  to Canada or Mexico, or returned to the UK. Me, my husband, and my youngest son went to Canada.

I won't go into details - I might later write a book on that too - but on 19 May 1999 my husband and I were married in Chatham, Ontario, with a little boy sitting on the floor drawing dinosaurs, with a green crayon, at our feet. Since then, we have not spent a single night apart, nor would we want to. We have our differences and we argue, but we have never walked away from each other. In fact, we find it hard to stay mad at each other. Most of our heated arguments ends with both of us laughing.

In Conclusion

Another thing I wish to point out, is when you're writing a book, especially a romance book you don't want your story to turn out like World Book Encyclopaedic. Things have to happen fast. Sometimes opportunity won't wait for all of life's little problems to work themselves out. My motto is, if you feel you need to do something - do it, and worry about it later. Life is nothing but a fun ride anyway. You've got to get on the carousel, choose your horse, mount up and hold on for dear life, cause, honey, fate waits for no one. The world is not going to stop spinning while you debate the morals.

Oh - by the way - since the first ebook is free - what's all the fuss about?

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Fifty Shades Of What?

Confession Time

Yes, horror, I read Fifty Shades of Grey. That's right, all three painstaking volumes. It was an experience for me, and a living hell for my husband, as I insisted on pointing out the many - Skewes' Number - of mistakes it contained.

I Disagree

First, let me make it clear; I do not agree with the concepts in this book, nor do I think there are many out there who do. Yes, it was fantasy, and keeping that in mind is probably the only thing that kept me from reading it where I should have - sitting upon the porcelain throne. But, that would have desecrated my husband’s favourite spot, for contemplating the secrets of the universe, and since – to my knowledge – Constantine was another work of fiction, there would be no one to exorcise or cleanse our domestic library of Christen’s evil childhood demons.

How In The Hell Did This Happen?

How did Fifty Shades become so popular so quickly? Beats the hell out of me, unless, of course, there are women out there who enjoy having the hell beat out of them. And, to you few I say, “Loving someone does not mean hurting them”, especially when engaging in the most intimate form of communication, we as human beings understand.


Before you start yelling and screaming at me that I should not make known my presence or opinion in the confines of your bedroom, let me clarify. If BDSM is what floats your boat, more power to you sister, but you'd better grab an oar. Your boat of reality has a huge gaping hole in it, and it is going down fast! If this is your idea of love someone somewhere in your pitiful existence sent you the wrong signals. Love does not have to hurt to feel good - trust me! Read Blood of the Rainbow That’s about real love, real pain, and real loss. The consequences of wrong choices.

Laugh And Scream

This book, Fifty Shades, did make me laugh and scream, I must admit. I laughed at the concept that someone - half sane or just plain stupid - could enjoy or tolerate this kind of brutality and keep coming back for more. I screamed at the many repetitions, and blatant grammar mistakes it contained. Yes, I am an author and, although I will not claim perfection in my craft, my co-author (my beloved husband) and I spend many painstaking hours trying to remove as many mistakes -  howbeit grammar, repetition or spelling - as possible before we turn it loose on our readers. This woman (the author of Fifty Shades Of Grey Trilogy) in my opinion got away with first degree literary murder. We struggle (my co-author and I) to stay within Amazon's top 10,000 paid books. Why, I don’t know.

What Am I Doing Wrong?

When I first started considering sharing my words with the World, I sent 12 chapters of A Vested Interest to my proof reader; she threatened to wake me up at 3:00 AM to get the rest of the story. I have people begging for my next book; “Please Shelia, don’t leave me hanging!” Yet, this book, Fifty Shades of whatever, is practically an overnight success. I just don’t get it! Is my writing seriously that bad? Has the entire World of romance gone to the dogs? Locked away in some enormously tall building with white sandstone walls, white sandstone floors, white everything, for that fact. Maybe Fifty Shades has some kind of dark New Orleans superstitious voodoo spell cast on it? 

Line Drawn

I am happy to write love scenes, and I am happy to write sex scenes, but I refuse to write scenes that make me gag! Would somebody, please, clue me in? Tell me what I'm doing wrong!