Sunday, 9 July 2017

Humble Music? Huh - I Don't Think So!

Yeah, yeah - go on - rant and rave at me for how long it's been since I posted anything here. But, remember, I did warn you. I only open my mouth when I've got something to say. Well, today, I've got something to say. As always, you're welcome to stay or leave now. Today's topic is music.

Hank Williams
Now, I don't like to brag, but some say, I can sing. If I have talent, it comes from a long line of music lovers. My mother won talent shows, and my father played guitar and composed country songs. Several were even recorded by other artists. In fact, and I can attest to this, when Hank Williams Sr. was alive, if he'd lost his voice, my father could have easily stepped in. My mother, who passed away in 2010, could have done the same for Kitty Wells or Gail Storm.
Kitty Wells

I've written countless poems and songs, myself, and I must admit, before I became an author, being an entertainer was my first love. Once part of a country band, I wanted nothing more than to stand in the spotlight and hear the multitudes call out my name, accompanied with a generous serving of applause. Though that dream still rests in the recesses of my mind, I fear it's one that will never come to pass. That's probably why, in most of my stories, music plays a huge part of my character's lives. I can't help it. I love music, and I love singing. I love listening to music, which brings me to the topic of this article.

Today, I came across something that made me vicariously scratch my head. It was so confusing, my musically-disciplined brain stopped and said, "Huh? This is what the world - swallowing hard not to throw up - calls music! I would never have labeled it as such. According to biblical text, we're supposed to make a joyful noise. Trust me, this song missed the ark. I couldn't comfortably put it in any musical category. The title, 'Humble' sounded tame enough, but didn't offer any insight to the lyrics. (Follow the link and listen or read if you dare. But you've been warned - they're not pretty!)

I know the way people talk has changed, and I'm no different. I've been known to spout a few 'colorful metaphors' , but I don't expose my metaphors in 'songs' to children. The person, singing - no wait - let's not call it that. Let's just say the person 'performing' - and I use the term loosely. The song exposes anyone who listens to the radio or streaming media. Yeah, I know, for the most, all they hear are a lot of 'beeping' sounds when he starts to say certain words, but our kids know what that means. If they don't, all they have to do is it look it up on Youtube - assuming, of course, they have parents who aren't concerned about what trash is beamed into their children's tender sponge-like brains.

Parent's PLEASE, pay attention to what your kids are watching and listening to. Trust me, they'll be exposed to that stuff soon enough. Now, is the time to do something about it. I'm not telling you to drag them, kicking and screaming, to Sunday School or chain them to a wood block and flog them with a bullwhip, all I'm asking you to do is notice what they're listening to on their cell phones and iPods. Sacrifice a few seconds of your rat-raced money-driven careers and see what they're watching on their laptops and iPads. In one way, earplugs can be beneficial; they keep you from having to listen to the 'stuff' they do. In another way, earplugs prevent you from hearing what you don't want your young child exposed to. Spend time with them. Get to know what they're into. Guide and direct. Don't dictate. That's what parents are supposed to do.

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